Production Management

Based on the plans our clients provide, our IT equipment allows us to quickly set optimal machining strategies, organize raw material supply and reduce production cycles. The quality of our products is reinforced by the elaboration of ranges and the development of self quality control on the various workstations.

Methods and scheduling:

  • Production (POAG) computer aided management.
    A G.P.A.O. system with bar codes, identifies the various stages of manufacture on the tracking cards and allows the monitoring of the manufacturing process in real time.
    A cost analysis is performed on a per-folder basis, thus allowing us to optimize our prices.
  • Computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM)
  • Computer-aided design (CAD)
    To reduce the production time, programming is done with an up-to-date, PARASOLID based TOPCAM software from the MISSLER company.
    2 ½ D programming on machining centres and 8 axes on the multi towers.
    Printing of production sheets.
    Autocad © software allows to read files retrieved via the internet.
    Supported formats : DWG, DXF, IGES, SET, NDA, INP etc…
  • Tracking sheets
    A system of scoring, set up in 1992, allows the establishment of tracking sheets with barcodes for each workstation, operator and folder. Therefore, it is possible to quickly verify the progress of the order at any time of the day.
  • Sheets of self quality-control
    A system of self-quality-control, based on main dimensions to verify allows the operators to complete the dimensions reading sheet for each folder.
    This is to meet essential traceability necessitated by the engagements taken to improve our quality.
  • Program fact sheets
    To perfectly fit programming and manufacturing, fact sheets are established based on a specific software, in adaptation to the company.
    This fact sheet contains all the information necessary to the safe achievement of our contracts.


The management is committed in 1998, with the program “”A quality”"

Means of control:

Three-dimensional (X 356, 406 Y, Z 305)
conventional monitoring devices.

feet to behind the scenes Three-dimensional

A person is dedicated to full time quality control.


Logistics of MECADYNAMIC meets the explicit or implicit client requirements. The products are packaged according to the requirements of the customers.
The parts or subassemblies are stripped and placed on pallets for a secured transport.